All About Me - Shira Windecker Photography

Hey everyone! I'm Shira!

I'm a dreamer, storyteller and a proud westcoast girl. 

I live on Vancouver Island BC and I am absolutely in love with the Pacific Northwest. I think weddings that take place among massive green forests, sweeping blue oceans and moody skies are absolutely stunning and I live for photographing them! I have tried other genres of photography but I am a wedding and couples photographer through and through. I love the connections shared between couples in love and I adore witnessing the start of new adventures together. I am totally in love with brides who are willing to laugh loudly and get  their wedding dress a little bit dirty for a fabulous shot! And while I love the PNW, I also love to travel and photograph extraordinary people and their love stories all over Canada and the world.

Now, I'm a little bit old school! Photojournalism inspires my work and I love flipping through actual print magazines. I think film photography is magic so I shoot it at every single wedding and couples session I photograph. I think all communication is best done in person and I love connecting over a cup of good coffee...or decaf in my case! When I’m not photographing amazing people you can find me in the backcountry hiking, camping and biking with my wonderful family and my very furry dog! On those days when the rain falls a little too hard, however, you will find me cuddled up in my lovely home with Star Wars playing in the background while I flip through old issues of National Geographic.

Some things I believe...!

~ You can choose your family. It isn't all about blood.

~ Buy the homeless person standing in front of Tim Horton's a meal and don't ever judge them for being hungry. It could one day be you sitting on that          sidewalk.

~ Let yourself feel and work to understand why you feel that way. Then, revel in those feelings.  It’s 100% healing and completely personal.

~ The movies!! Star Wars, popcorn, Keanu Reeves, gummy worms, the back row, loud's all very, very good!

~ Nobody really cares about your haircut, your weight, the state of your wardrobe or you accomplishments, so don't deny yourself joy based on what               others might think. Just go, live your dreams, and be happy.

~ Tell others to f@#* off when they fill your world with toxic energy. Do it nicely though ;-)

~ Lace up your hiking boots and hit the trails. Go kayaking, mountain biking, swimming in the  ocean and climb a mountain. When you get to the top,          jump off – with a parachute strapped to your back, of course!

~ Travel. Learn about other cultures, eat strange, exotic foods and, for goodness sake, ride an elephant!!

~ Do not feel confined by the rules and expectations of society. Write your own story and do things your way!

~ The only way to live is old school. Books with pages, day planners, paper maps, phone calls and photos with film. Real stars in the night sky are gorgeous      and cooking over a campfire smells wonderful.

Thank you so much for visiting. Now, let's go document your dreams as they come true!

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