Rathrevor Beach | Vancouver Island Film Photographer

I didn't spend much time at Rathtrevor beach as a kid.

During the summer months our family spent most of our beach days down at Sebastian Beach Park in Lantzville. It was close to home, had loads of tide pools, great sand and so many big, purple Starfish. It is still one of my favourite places to date and I would love nothing more than to retire in an ocean front home overlooking the Winchelsea Islands.

Until that day comes...the one where I win the lottery...I have discovered a love for Rathtrevor Provincial Park.

It's close enough to Mill Bay that we can pack the family up in the car with beach chairs and picnic lunches and drive up for a sun soaked day playing in ocean. There is sand forever, literally, warm tidal pools galore and, when you finally reach the ocean, it is shallow for days. It really is the perfect place to take young kids.

Here are the shots I took of our little beach day at the beginning of August. Thank you to the Breaker's family for the tattoos all over Yelaina's face, by the way! ;-) And thank you to Currin for grabbing a few photos of me and the kids together.

The photos of our Miracle Beach camping trip are coming soon!

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