The Simard Family Take 1 | Victoria BC Family Photographer

I'm not going to lie, Ayland Farm at East Sooke Park is one of my very favourite places.

It's truly gorgeous with big grassy fields and white sandy beaches. There's even apple trees that get heavy with fruit every August! Honestly, there are no end to the adventures that a family can have at Ayland Farm and I was absolutely thrilled when Marsha asked me to do her family photos there early this summer.

Marsha is herself a talented photographer and a good friend so I was pretty psyched when she asked me to record some memories for her. It was also the opportunity I was waiting for to shoot oodles of film. Yay! So I rolled some Portra 400, draped my little light meter around my next and went to town snapping photographs of this amazing family.

And it was such a fabulous evening.

The sun was out, everyone was fill of laughter and we has some fabulous adventures in the grass, sand and unavoidable mud. I think we documented some amazing memories and I am excited to finally share some of my favourites...all film, of course! 

East Sooke Park | Shira Windecker Photography | Portra 400 | The FIND Lab | Mamiya 645 Pro TL

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