The Simard Family Take 2 - September 2019 - Shira Windecker Photography

The Simard Family Take 2 | Mill Bay Family Photographer

Oh my goodness I love this family!

Marsha and Shane are good friends of mine, our kids go to school together and we live, literally, just down the road from each other. So, heading our for a second round of family photos along with Marsha's parents was so much fun.

I absolutely love it when families include grandparents in their photo sessions. I think it is so very important to create a legacy for our children and having images on hand that show all family members sharing time together is a gift. It makes for wonderful memories and some of the most incredible photo sessions.

For this shoot we went down to the beach in Mill Bay. It really is one of my favourite locations for photos as there are tons of interesting features, loads of nooks and crannies for exploring and, no matter the time of day, you can always find a bit of shade to hide out in. It's perfect!

We spent about an hour together, had loads of fun and captured some super fun moments. I shot some digital of course but, because I love it soooo much, I am only sharing the film images today!

Mill Bay | Shira Windecker Photography | Portra 400 | The FIND Lab | Mamiya 645 Pro TL

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