All About Me - Shira Windecker Photography

Hi! I'm Shira!

I'm a dreamer, storyteller and a proud westcoast girl. 

I live on Vancouver Island, BC and I am absolutely in love with the Pacific Northwest. I think weddings that take place among massive green forests, sweeping blue oceans and moody skies are absolutely stunning and I live for photographing them! I am completely and totally a wedding photographer. I adore spending time with couples in love and I am inspired by the adventures they share. I get so excited when brides are willing to laugh loudly and get  their wedding dress a little bit dirty for a fabulous shot and I love to travel? If you ask, I will follow you to the ends of the earth for your dream wedding.

I am so excited that you are here and I would love to hear all about your wedding! 

A little bit about Me...

You can choose your family. It isn't all about blood.

Let yourself feel and understand why. Then revel in those feelings.  It’s 100% healing and completely personal.

The movies!! Spielberg, popcorn, Star Wars, gummy worms, magic, loud's all very, very good!

Lace up your boots and hit the trails. Go hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, swim in the  ocean, climb a mountain. Don't let anything stop you.   

I'm super shy and I get clumsy around people ( I am actually very coordinated!).

I blush all the time (see above).

Buy the homeless person standing in front of Tim Horton's a meal and don't  judge them. That could be you or someone you love.

I laugh at inappropriate moments. Trust me, laughing at a funeral is not ideal!

Step away from individuals who fill your world with toxic energy. And never look back!

Nobody really cares what you look like, so don't worry about what others think. Just go be you!

Organization is life. I even organize my closet according to colour!

I have a visual memory. If I saw you leave your bouquet on the hotel balcony before your ceremony, I will remember where to find it!

When I'm frustrated or food tastes awesome, I growl. An actual growl. It's embarrassing.

Do not feel confined by rules and expectations. Write your own story and do things your way!

I am the queen of typos, despite the fact that I used to write for a magazine!

The only way to live is old school. Books with pages, day planners and photos with real film. Unplug and enjoy all that this world has to offer.

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