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Week 7 | Exploring Cowichan Bay

There are so many wonderful places to visit here on Vancouver Island and I am eager to explore every single inch of this rugged paradise.

But, with kiddos in tow and awesome visits from grandparents, sometimes exploring close to home is preferable.

So, once the sun emerged early in February, my mom decided to come for a visit with me and the kids. I wanted to get out of the house for a bit so we all decided to go for lunch and have a wander in Cowichan Bay.

It was the perfect mini escape for two kids, one tired mama and a super happy Grandma.

We had fish and chips at Rob's Lighthouse Eatery, the kids chose candy from the Original Udder Guys and my mom and I drooled over the jewelry in Radway.

After all the eating and shopping we went for a breezy stroll along the docks. There were no sea lions that day but, the skies were gorgeous and the sun was perfectly positioned for some sun kissed portraits.

It was a super fun day and I'm glad we were able to take advantage of not only the weather but the extraordinary little community of Cow Bay!

Cowichan Bay BC | Portra 400 | The Find Lab | Mamiya 645 Pro TL| Shira Windecker Photography

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