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Week 9 | Feeling Uninspired

February is a long, tough month. The sky is grey, it's still cold out and there are no long weekends or vacations. Plus, our whole family was sick during February this year.

(Don't worry, it wasn't Corona virus!)

February is when my inspiration flies away and my dedication to continue all projects wanes.

I am positive that I am not alone in this!

So when it came to taking photos for Week 9 of my project 52 journey, I was totally lacking in inspiration.

Luka and I left Yelaina sleeping off her infection inside and we explored the backyard. I don't even have a story to share, really, just some frosty morning shots and only one that I actually like.

But I did decide to post these shots as I want everyone reading to know that inspiration comes and goes. Life just isn't perfect and nobody has it together all the time.

I'm not going to lie...next week is more of the same.

But, things will get better. The weather will clear. We will continue to learn and grow in our creative passions and, eventually, our period of social isolation will come to an end.

In the meantime, you are not alone and it is ok to be completely uninspired right now.

I am right there with you!

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Mill Bay BC | Canon 5D Mark ii | Shira Windecker Photography | Lifestyle Photography

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