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Week 14 | Forest Walks & family Shenanigans

There is a little lake in the hills behind our house that we often visit as a family.

Rat lake, though I prefer to call it Lilly Pad Lake, is a one hour hike round trip.

The dense forest is dark on a cloudy day and the lush tree cover provides great protection from those pesky west coast rains.

Every time we visit I feel as though I am strolling through the forest with Little Red Riding Hood.

Though, when the skies are clear, the sun shoots golden rays through the tree tops creating a magical world that is perfect for fairies and wood nymphs!

Our little lake is beautiful indeed, but I've honestly never felt as though it is a challenging hike.

That is why I'm so surprised that is has become a daily hangout for our whole family.

It's been fun finding new ways to make the logging roads, trails and lake views into a good workout and the hike in is a much needed getaway from hours and hours spent working with tech.

At the end of the day, this whole staying home thing is kind of fun.

As a family we're being goofy together, laughing a lot, getting to know each other in so many unexpected ways and exploring together.

Life, overall, is good! I just can't imagine social distancing without big, open spaces close by!!

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