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Gulf Island Adventures | Tent Island BC

We are blessed with gorgeous summers here on Vancouver Island.

We take advantage of the Ocean every chance we get whether that means driving down the street to our favourite beach, heading out to the sandy beaches on the Westcoast or loading up the boat for a day trip out to the beautiful Gulf Islands.

Now, I will admit that I am not a huge fan of boating. I get very seasick, the unpredictability of the ocean makes me very nervous and, like Yelaina, fishing is totally boring (unless we are hiking up a river of course).

But, I do love the fact that our boat gets us to some pretty fantastic destinations.

One of our favourites is Tent Island. It's a 15 minute trip from the Crofton boat launch and it is so much fun.

During the hot weather at the beginning of August, Marek and I packed the boat, loaded the kids, kayaks and dog into the car and headed out for a full day spent exploring Tent island. The waters were crystal clear and we had loads of fun.

We all complained a little, we ate loads of junk food, splashed in the water and, generally, had a fabulous day.

In this case, the boat ride was totally worth it!

Enjoy the photos and stay tuned for a sneak peak at our day trip to Newcastle Island...

Tent Island BC | Ektar 100 | Mamiya 645 Pro TL | Shira Windecker Photography | Canadian Film Lab

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