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Week 5 | Home Renovations...

In our house, fall and winter is all about home renovations.

The cold months are when Marek and I spend our spare time painting, renovating bathrooms, building furniture and, in this case, putting up a backsplash in our rapidly deteriorating kitchen.

I say rapidly deteriorating simply because we have kids and a dog.

Any parent out there understands exactly what I mean...

(You know: slamming of doors, paws scratching counter tops, the jungle gym that is our table and chairs and, of course, unexplained finger prints on the roof above the stove. Seriously! How?)

Marek and I can't keep up with the kitchen mess, so our solution is to simply tile over it.

Shiny white subway tiles, a little bit of charcoal grout, some elbow grease and, voila, a new kitchen!

And while I love the work Marek did and the freshness the shiny tiles add, I can''t help but feel like we are doing these upgrades for someone else to enjoy. We aren't planning on selling the house anytime soon, but....my Spidey sense are tingling.

My crazy intuition aside, I love seeing Yelaina and Luka participate in these projects. They add a wonderful creativity (and craziness) to a simple home reno and we all get a good laugh.

Next up? Painting away the pink in Yelaina's bedroom but, before that, the Frano's are heading to Tofino!

Mill Bay BC | Canon 5D Mark ii | Shira Windecker Photography | Project 52

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