Week 4 | Luka!

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This is Luka.

Luka is wonderfully normal.

He loves cars, trucks, power tools and anything that sparkles. He smiles, literally, all the time and is a total ham in front of the camera.

Going places with Luka takes oodles of energy because he talks incessantly and uses his cute little dimple to get whatever he wants. Marek and I are actively learning to use the word NO when he asks for things. It's daily struggle.

Luka is smart.

His vocabulary is well developed, he prioritizes instructions and strategizes his reactions. He runs to the aid of anyone who is hurt and he is Yelaina's rock in her everyday storm.

When I was pregnant with Luka, I truly thought that I was having another little girl. When the ultrasound tech told me otherwise, I was not impressed. Can we say gender disappointment? There are many reasons for how I felt but, at the heart of it, raising girls is familiar territory for me. Raising a boy is something that I find overwhelming and scary. It is a task that I take very seriously and one that I want to do well.

And something that I now takes loads of pride in doing.

Raising Luka is a gift. He is the sun in our little family and I just love spending time with this little fireball.

And I just adore all of the funny faces he makes for my camera!

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