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Newcastle Island | August 2020

Marek loves to fish.

I love to explore.

So a day trip to Newcastle Island just outside of Nanaimo was the perfect fit for us.

We started the morning with an extra long drive from Mill Bay to Nanaimo. Yelaina forgot hats, Marek forgot sunblock, we had to get food, traffic was a summery mess... the list goes on. I'm sure you can relate.

But, the day was gorgeous and we had fun bobbing about, look for fish just off of 5 Fingers in Nanaimo.

After an hour or so of fishing it was off to Newcastle Island for a little bit of downtime.

It was awesome.

As a kid I spent time on Newcastle every summer and I just loved sharing some of those experiences with my own family.

The Island is just as beautiful as I remember it and we all had fun splashing in the water and taking a break from the boat.

It was a great day and an experience I recommend to anyone with kiddos. Enjoy the photos!

Newcastle Island BC | Portra 800 | Mamiya 645 Pro TL | Shira Windecker Photography | Canadian Film Lab

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