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Week 8 | Sparkler Fun

There was a time when I felt that taking low light photos was simply no big deal.

I would set up some candles around the house, bribe someone to model for me, and then shoot them - photographically speaking! I never worried that the photos would be bad or my gear wouldn't be up to the task. I just plunged in, head first, and had loads of fun.

Now, however, I am afraid to try so very much and I hesitate before doing anything.

It's an odd feeling for me, as I used to me exactly like Yelaina. I was a leap-first- look-later kind of girl.

And even though I now look before I leap, I love giving Yelaina and Luka the opportunity to be bold and have fun!

So, after the sun had set on a cool February, I swallowed my nerves, armed Yelaina and Luka with handfuls of sparklers and enlisted the help of my ever-willing husband.

We played with a little bit of fire and, for the first time in many years, I captured some super fun twilight shots!

Mill Bay BC | Canon 5D Mark ii | Shira Windecker Photography | Lifestyle Photography

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