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Week 12 | Stepping Out...

When social distancing hit and the pandemic officially took hold here on the Island, I became annoyingly productive.

I built a learning schedule for the kids, cleaned and organized the house from top to bottom, started a rigorous work out routine and changed my diet. I've taken two photography courses, a videography class and I've delved into aspects of photography that I have never broached before.

Yup. I am one of THOSE people.

Honestly though, I thrive in times of crisis.

When my life falls apart, I jump into action. I see the end product in my mind and have no problem picking up the pieces.

Strength and resilience were absolutely necessary for me growing up and now, as an adult, I easily compartmentalize traumatic situations so that I can move on with life.

But still, I struggle.

At the time I took these photos I felt so down. The whole family did.

We were grieving.

The kids lost their school and extra curricular routines and they missed their friends.

Marek was back on car and immersed in the rapidly changing protocols facing Paramedics during the Pandemic and I was wading through mountains of Professional Development surrounding remote learning.

Life was suddenly different.

It still is.

And I think that the key to survival now is to embrace this life and to be different ourselves.

So I dressed the family up, moved furniture and asked everyone to pose. I shot black and white film, which is a challenge for me and I told everyone that there was to be NO smiling. The goal was to look cool.

Yelaina nailed it. Luka did not.

On that day we tried something a little bit different. And every single day since, I have pushed myself to step outside of my comfort zone.

It keeps things interesting and, somewhere in all of this, I'm sure we'll find a new normal.

Mill Bay BC | Delta 3200 | Mamiya 645 Pro TL | Shira Windecker Photography | The Find Lab

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