Week 13 | Sunset Over Shawnigan Lake

I want nothing more than to take my family out to some breathtaking location and capture them playing peacefully in the setting sun.

Seriously, who doesn't love the ooey gooey golden light of a perfect sunset, especially over the water?

It's pure magic.

But there is a very good reason why the majority of my family photos are taken under the harsh mid-day sun.


By the time dinner is finished, the whole family is miserable. By 6 PM Luka starts whimpering and crying. Byt 7PM Yelaina is ticcing so hard that she can't talk and by 8:30PM Marek is in bed.

Sound familiar?

I am almost always alone in my family room when the sun falls below our cedar hedge and the sky turns dappled pink and orange. It sounds sad but, honestly, it's a happy time of day for me!

But still the magic of a beautiful sunset calls to me.

After all, I am a photographer.

And one of the best places to capture a quick sunset in the Cowichan Valley is over Shawnigan Lake.

So I bundled the whole family up, including Forest, and we went for a stroll through Mill Stream Park at sunset.

There were some tears and a whole lot of complaining but there was also a lot of quiet play and, believe it or not, reflection. Luka pretended to be a builder, Yelaina asked a million questions about the sunset and Marek and I chatted about Coronavirus.

Despite the fun, they all made me leave before the sun had fully set behind the mountains, which still irks me.

But here's the thing...

Yelaina and Luka both say it was one of the best walks we have ever been on. They love the photos and giggle about making me leave early. They want to do it again.

While I dread the idea of taking the kids anywhere after dinner, I will definitely do it again. I'm pretty sure that Yelaina and Luka will remember these adventures forever.

And that makes my heart happy!

Mill Bay BC | Portra 400 | Mamiya 645 Pro TL | Shira Windecker Photography | The Find Lab

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