Week 3 | The Dog

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I do not, in any way shape or form, want a dog at this point in my life.

Dogs are smelly, messy expensive and, let's be honest here, the cute puppy stage is super short.

When Chance, our first pup, passed away three years ago, I was excited to reclaim the house and yard. Don't get me wrong, I loved that grumpy Golden Doodle to the moon and back, but two kids are truly enough responsibility for any parent.

Plus, Chance's death broke me. I still tear up when I think about him. So I was done with Dogs. Completely.

Then Tourette Syndrome happened.

At one of Yelaina's regular checkups post Chance the paediatrician told me, point blank, "you have to get another dog. Now."

So we did.

And Forest is the most amazing addition to our family.

This rather large, pure bred Standard Poodle looks like a character from the muppets, stinks horribly and gives the very best cuddles. He is sweet, kind and way too smart. He provides wonderful comfort for the whole family, is hypoallergenic and he shares my love for potato chips.

And because he is so great, I have consented to share my house with him.

I can totally imagine life without Forest but, I have to admit, life with him around is definitely better.

(Not one of these images is sharp. I tried out a different lens on my Nikon and I just couldn't find the sweet spot. But that's ok. You get the picture, right?)

HP5 | The Find Lab | Shira Windecker Photography | Nikon F2 Photomic | Mill Bay BC

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