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Week 15 | The Homeschooling Situation

I've always thought about homeschooling my kids.

The idea of it is wonderful.

Marek and I would set up a little study room with cute crafting supplies, a little white board and the worlds coolest refinished desk. In my mind there would be time for arts and crafts, some music tutorials on Youtube and, of course, my kids would be gifted at reading and multiplication.

Yelaina and Luka would thrive and Marek and I would be a super teaching team.

That dream? It's dead. Forever.

I respect parents who homeschool their children.

But the reality of homeschooling is very different from that of classroom learning.

Our home is a getaway from the real world. It is where we are free to be ourselves and where we can simply relax. Home is where we are free to flip out, yell, cry, stomp and slam doors to our hearts content. It is the place where we laugh, feel joy and are completely at peace.

Home is a safe place.

And the truth is, education is not safe.

Through learning we challenge our mind and body. Education constantly pushes the boundary of our skills and knowledge and forces us to be better.

That is not easy and it is not gentle.

Facilitating academic Rigour in the home is a shock to everyone's system, parents and children alike.

Now, don't get me wrong... Marek and I have seen both of our kids do wonderful work. We have had time to truly dial into what kind of learners they are and the gaps that exist in their learning.

We have seen Luka become an artist and eager creator while Yelaina is quite a talented performer. We now know that tics can be managed and time without technology is not only possible but vital to everyone's mental well being.

Remote learning has provided us with many wins, academically. But, if I am being honest, I would rather my kids academic development take place in the classroom.

That is why I quit. Homeschooling is no longer my focus.

Exercise, reading and multiplication are the three subjects that we now enforce in our home. For Marek and I, they are manageable and important.

I appreciate the learning plans that Yelaina and Luka's teachers create each week. I truly do. Our teachers have been through the academic ringer themselves and I am grateful for their dedication.

Homeschooling, however, is not for us.

So our home is, once again, safe. We frequently let our brains go to mush. We argue. We laugh and we do what we can to be awesome people.

If that includes school work, great!

And if not?

That's great too!

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