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Tofino & Ucluelet

Family vacations are great!

We see the sights. We share time as a family. We make memories that the kids talk about forever.

And we parents survive a barrage of complaints, demands and sibling rivalry.

I have beautiful photos from our trip to Tofino in March for which I am very thankful because, honestly, I only remember two things clearly: 2 days spent hunting for ice cream and a ghost town.

This was Marek's first time in Tofino and Ucluelet and it was an interesting experience. We rented an awesome cabin that gave the whole family loads of space, we got to share amazing donuts at Rhino's cafe in Tofino and we watched the sun set over Long Beach.

It certainly wasn't perfect though. Yelaina's tics made sleep a challenge so we were a tired bunch. I promised the kids ice cream in exchange for sunset photos, which included almost two days of whining and begging for the sloppy, frozen stuff.

And there was fear.

The day we left Ucluelet was day one of the border closure. And while there were still people out and about, if felt as though our world had been hushed. Stores open the previous day, now closed. Self check in and check outs implemented and the trails, previously busy, were empty. As we left town the road into Tofino & Ucluelet was quiet. I have never seen it that way before.

So I really don't know what to make of our family trip this year. We spent time on a beautiful beach and revelled in the fresh outdoor lifestyle. But, honestly, I think it needs a do over.

And this time we'll leave the kids at home! ;-)

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