Week 10 | Sickness Hits

The first two weeks in March were pretty awful. For everyone.

At school, classes were down by 50% across the board. Typically, throughout the spring, we lose a large group of students for a day or two. This year, however, we lost half our classes for a week and a half. It was crazy.

Who knows if the Coronavirus hit or if it was simply a bad case of the yearly flu. All I know is that our house hold was hit hard and each one of us ended upon heavy doses of antibiotics. Yelaina fo Strep, Luka for a big ear infection and I got them for my bi-monthly sinus infection.

Needless to say, we spent a good deal of time indoors and in bed. But, there were a couple of moments when we ventured outside for some vitamin D.

I forced myself to roll some film and snap a few pics. They are hardly more than snapshots but it felts so good to soak in the suns rays for a few minutes and laugh with Yelaina and Luka.

We are all recovered now and socially isolating at home until the world comes into balance once again.

Take care, stay healthy and definitely reach out if you need some laughter and a chance for conversation with someone other than your spouse, kid or super cute pup!

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