Week 2 | The First Snow

In a country well known for snow, ice and winter sports, Vancouver Island, with it's mild weather, temperate rainforests and sandy beaches, is quite unique.

We Islanders cherish the warm weather that comes with living down at the 49th and we appreciate the humid coastal air - despite the effect it has on our hair!

After all, we get to play outdoor Soccer all year long, rain boots are a required fashion accessory and, for most, our home's location is more important than the size or style. Hiking, biking and kayaking is a way and the mild weather make sit possible to grow anything we like.

Vancouver Island is paradise and I am blessed to be able to raise my children here. Truly.

But there is one thing we love above all else....


Snow fall here on the Island is rare, especially on the south coast, but oh-so-special. And when it does fall, the world stops. You see, our snow falls furiously. It is wet, heavy, and the amount we get over such a short period of time makes driving conditions treacherous.

Municipal workers simply can't clear it fast enough.

So, schools close, highways are shut down and kids get time off school. We get the sleds out, too small snow pants are pulled form the back of closets and, for a day or two, we Islanders get to experience winter!

For us parents, it is exhausting (snow pants off and then on and then off again...) but the memories created are just wonderful.

We got a fair bit of snow this winter so there will be a couple of snowy posts in this feed's future!

But, for now, enjoy a look at the Frano families first snow day of 2020 and then head outside and enjoy the sunshine!

Portra 800| The Find Lab | Shira Windecker Photography |Canon AE 1 | Canon 5D Mark ii | Spectacle Lake, Malahat BC

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