Week 6 | Nighttime Experiments

A couple of weeks ago, the kids and I decided to experiment a little with night photography.

I decided this actually, and dragged the kids outside into the backyard with me.

We grabbed a couple of headlights and my external flash and we played.

I think the very best thing about this experiment is the laughter that we shared. It was much needed.

As I mentioned in a previous post, life has been stressful. Yelaina's tics are still coming fast and furious and sleep is elusive for everyone. Getting the kids out and excited about life is super important and I want photos to remind the whole family that this life we have is actually amazing.

We did have fun! Lots of it.

Yelaina and Luka are both super eager to stay up late and play outside after dark, so the buy in was easy this time. They loved swinging lights around the yard and both kiddos were full of ideas.

More nighttime experiments are definitely on the horizon with, hopefully, way better results!

Mill Bay BC | Shira Windecker Photography | Project 52 | Canon 5D Mark ii

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